Friday, October 3, 2008

Preschoolers in the Dairy Department

On Thursday, Mam's "innovative" preschool class took a field trip. The rest of the kids at school are never lucky enough to go on field trips, so this was a big deal. They got to go for a behind-the-scenes tour of the grocery store across the street. But first, the kids got to play in Mam's favorite area, the "far yard".
Here's Mam with her partner, Aeryn. How cool is that spelling? Of course, she'll be spelling it a lot, so hopefully she thinks it's cool too.I wonder how much the janitorial staff likes it when the tour guides ask all the kids to feel the cold freezer doors with their grubby little fingers.Mam enjoyed the dairy section where so many of her favorite foods reside. The kids got a demonstration of the box crusher in the back and the freight elevator. The guy in the seafood area even let them all touch one of the live lobsters.The kids got lots of treats on the way. Mam ate three (three!) mini sausages. Are you kidding? That's meat, you know! They got grapes in the produce department, cheese in the deli department and brownies at the bakery. I can't say I get really excited about the grocery story, but it was fun to see the kids all excited about it.

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Christie said...

The first graders at my school take a tour of the local SaveMart every year as part of the unit on community. The kids walk there and learn more than you would think. They like going in the freezers and seeing the meat getting wrapped. At the end of the trip, each child gets to scan some items at the cash register--future job training!
Christie (SJ HB)