Sunday, March 9, 2008

Queen for a Day

Many, many years ago, I went to my high school boyfriend's junior prom with him. See? Yeah. That's me at 16. I hadn't even gotten braces yet. I think I've aged well...or is it just that the 80s was one of the most ridiculous decades in history? 
If you click on that ancient photo, you'll be able to fully appreciate my goofy hairstyle (which wasn't fashionable, even in the 80s) and the lovely metallic(!) bodice. There's a single, wide silver shoulder strap. I didn't like that, even then. I think I tucked it into the top. You can't really miss the marked lack of wrinkles and grey hair.

In a thousand years, could you ever imagine a reason for me to put this dress back on? Skip forward a couple of years. Nope. A few more. Further still. Now I've got my own little girl. Is she gonna want to wear it? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! But she's just four, so that's not a consideration. On the other hand, she's having a dress-up princess party for her birthday. Gram has generously saved the aforementioned dress in a toy box in the attic. And it miraculously reappears in time for me to look radiant in my princess dress-up outfit. Or maybe I just look old?

I'm sure I looked pretty radiant when I put the ol' thing on and it zipped up the back. And I could still least enough to keep myself alive. 

The older version of me can't really handle baring all that skin at the top. I'm white and the dress does nothing to make you think otherwise. Nothing a sparkly little navy-colored jacket, a big red pendant and a tiara couldn't handle though, huh? I think I'm thankful this is the most detailed photo Daddy got of me.

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