Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Other Birthday

Mam turned four on the 6th. She was very excited about it...I think. On the 5th, she seemed to have trouble figuring out if her birthday was "tomorrow" or "next week". She started the big day with a trip to her ophthalmologist. I couched this as a fun appointment where she'd get to pick out a new pair of glasses for her birthday. It didn't turn out so great. The office is kind of a long drive, it was really busy and we had to do a lot of waiting before we picked out new glasses. So, by the time we got to the optic shop, Mam was tired, bored and hungry. We ordered some new glasses, but whatever fun she had there was tempered by the new eye patch she got for her birthday. One of her eyes is still significantly stronger than the other. *sigh*

Mam got to spend the afternoon with her favorite babysitter, so that went over well. Her afternoon playdate was canceled, but Daddy came home early and we went out to her favorite restaurant for dinner...Fresh Choice. Go figure. She ate dessert there, so no cake or cupcakes at home. She got to open a few family presents and that was it. The following video was one of the best bits of the day. Fortunately, there was the party at school the next day and her birthday party on Saturday to make up for a pretty lackluster birthday!

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