Saturday, March 8, 2008

No hiding from Goocha

So, could the day after Mam's birthday do better than the day itself? It looked likely.

Much like last year, I made Mam cookies to take to her classmates at school. I was fully prepared to make cupcakes this year, now that she's at a school that doesn't discourage frosting, but she wanted cookies, so cookies it was.

Mam's school has a funny little tradition of having a marionette named Goocha come out and locate the birthday child. This particular incarnation of Goocha listened to the kids ears to see if he could hear the birthday song and looked in their mouths for traces of cake. Very cute.

And Mam got the requisite birthday crown. The class sang happy birthday and ate cookies.

All in all, I think Mam was more excited just to have me hang out at school with her than she was to have cookies or a crown or special attention. Her friend, Kaitlyn, on the other hand, didn't seem pleased to see me at all. It just meant less of Mam's attention for her!

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