Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mommy Overboard!

Those of you who know me are probably familiar with my propensity for getting a little carried away when it comes to making cakes...especially when it comes to the kids. Smunch's soccer cake was a pretty good example, but it doesn't hold a birthday candle to the insanity visited upon me when considering what to make for a dress-up princess party. I found this great kit at Michael's. It seemed simple enough. After all, its a kit, right?

Right. The instructions start out with something like "make 286 fondant flowers". But did that make me flinch? Hardly. It made me make a container full of little pink flowers...cutting each out of rolled fondant, giving it a natural-looking curve and piping in a little white center. That was about a week and a half ago.

Then there was frosting all the towers in lavender frosting and sprinkling them with "cake sparkles" and doing the same to outline each of the window on the 12 turrets to this fantastical castle.

I made two cakes... a 10" cake and a 6" cake, each two layers. The bottom was chocolate with chocolate pudding filling. The top, white cake with vanilla pudding for filling. All dowelled and supported and frosted. I attached the flowers and piped in leaves. Added towers and turrets.

It looked something like this, as I worked:

All told, I'm sure I didn't save any money and I certainly didn't save any time. It looked so phenomenal that I was actually sort of embarrassed that I'd made it for my
4-year-old's birthday. I was tempted to say I bought it at Costco instead of admitting that I was capable of going quite this overboard.


Anonymous said...

I showed this picture to my hubby this morning. His first response was to grin, look at me and say, "Dude. You Suck." In jest of course, but seriously, Dear...your makin' the rest of us look bad. Real bad.:>)

MommaWriter said...

I'm desperately hoping that I'll also be making my future self look bad...real bad. I think I feel like this every year, but I've really gotta stop doing silly stuff for cakes that just get wolfed down regardless of how they look!