Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My son is a freakin' genius!

We'd all like our kids to communicate a little better though, wouldn't we? My son is in kindergarten. He can read (a little), he can write and now he can communicate his innermost thoughts...on paper...in beautifully constructed sentences with perfect spelling. Can I tell you how AWESOME I think this is??? I'm so proud.


mommieN. said...

OMG that is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!! I'm so glad I read this at home 'cause if I were at work I'd have had to leave the building for laughing so hard! Now, there's gotta be a good story behind that. Nice to see he feels so secure with you that he can invest the effort to *write* through whatever was irking him. That's SO FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahha!!!!! O.K. I NEED the story behind this one. Be sure to date that and save it in his baby book.