Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Letterboxing First

It's been pouring rain for the better part of the week. A couple of days, I managed to get the kids out of the house and go letterboxing. I considered it a necessity to get out and they happily obliged with the promise of adventures in new, but not too far, locations. Four new stamps for our book. Nifty.

Today, I decided the time had come to try planting our very own letterbox. So, after much cajoling and time spent in rooms and time eating lunch, we zipped out of the house between downpours. Unfortunately, it was only the zipping that happened between downpours. It rained most of the way to our destination and rained intermittently, but we were prepared with raincoats and the kids in their rain boots. The photos give the entirely wrong impression that we were out on a beautiful sunny day. We weren't.

It took a little time, but we found the perfect spot to hide our very first letterbox.

I could tell you all about the place we hid it, but then I'd have to track you down and kill you.'ll just have to find it for yourself! The kids were a lot of help, obviously...

And when you find it, this is what it looks like...

Got it? Excellent.

After a trip to Starbucks to warm ourselves up and one to the library because we're insane and like to be with the huddled masses who live in the library during rainstorms, we went home and I entered our clue on the two letterboxing sites we use. They usefully cross-reference each other, so that was easy.

In case you're up for some introductory letterboxing, clues can be found at Letterboxing North America and at AtlasQuest. You can find our clue (hopefully soon to be more than one) under the trail name WyndRyders. Happy hunting!


Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

This is awesome!

I'd never even heard of it before but now I'm totally intriqued.

MommaWriter said...

Tons of letterboxing out there in Texas, Jenny. 'Course, Texas is a big place, but that way you've got something fun you can do wherever you go!