Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I mentioned briefly that my sister came to visit for Smunch's birthday, bringing her adorable (and very loud) little munchkin, Spencer, with her. Spencer is almost two. He slept through almost all of Smunch's 2-4pm birthday party...and wasn't overly happy about the free-for-all in the backyard when he woke up. But all-in-all, the kids were thrilled to be together again, as evidenced by an earsplitting "SPENCE!!!!!!" at 6:30 Saturday morning when they all rediscovered they were in the same house. The enthusiasm was really something to see.

Here they are posing on the sandbox at Gram's house.
Wearing matching jerseys while playing the piano (lovely!)
Mam's best attempt at getting her cousin to laugh.
Spencer checking with his broker.
Inspecting a gummy worm from Mam's "Cup of Dirt" at Friday's

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