Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Introduction to Public Speaking

I don't think Smuch truly appreciated what a momentous 'first' today was for him. How is it that as little kids, we can't wait to get up in front of the class and share our lives with our classmates, but as adults, it becomes an anxiety producing experience?

This week, Smunch is "Star of the Week" in his kindergarten class. That meant that we had to produce a poster about him for class yesterday and he got to bring his five favorite things...well...at least five things he likes that fit in a paper bag.

He had a great time up there, stumbling through an explanation of his poster. He asked me to come, so I did. And of course, I videotaped. I still have to see whether there's any point in editing his presentation down to post it. I suspect there's not. It's hard to hear. I was just using my regular ol' camera and it picked up more other chatter in the room than it did Smunch talking.

Anyway, I was super proud of the little guy. He was very cute sitting up there in front of the class with his mud-stained jeans, calling on his classmates to ask questions and figure out what he'd brought in the bag. (No, I don't send him to school in mud-stained jeans, but the boys play soccer before the bell rings for school every day and Smunch always plays goalie. Hence the muddy pants.)

These are the items he found important to bring: (watch me work some more bullet magic here)

  1. A 2007 Little League trophy

  2. A 2007 AYSO soccer trophy

  3. The dragon with the shiny blue "scales" that he got for Christmas

  4. The kids' camera he got for Christmas

  5. His brand new bike helmet that we bought over the weekend ("It's a really cool helmet!")


Queen Bee said...

So cute! Good job Smunch. Thanks for the peek into "star of the week." N. is the "star" in his class next week, and I wish his teacher would give me a heads up as to what is expected sooner than Friday!

mommieN. said...

Apparently Los Altos' PC-ness hasn't caught up to Cupertino's yet, where they're STUDENTS of the week, 'cause STAR might make other kids feel bad! He looks pretty comfortable up there!

MommaWriter said...

They can get away with this at Smunch's school without any problem, just because the students at the school are the "Superstars"...just the way some students are The Cougars or The Coyotes. It's a lame mascot, but what can you say?