Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Total Eclipse

If you're out here on the West Coast of the United States, you may know there was a full lunar eclipse this morning at 3:37am. My mom was always fascinated by stuff like this and she often woke us up to see cool celestial events. I wasn't actually crazy enough to set my alarm for the wee hours of the morning. My husband already thinks I'm insane. I didn't need to wake him up at some ridiculous hour just to prove it...at least not by alarm clock.

Secretly, I told my brain to wake me up, just so I could see it. My brain isn't too bad at these things. I woke up at 3:40am. And I got up, waking husband in the process, to go take a peak at the moon. By that time, it was a faint brownish object in the sky. When I went to sleep, it had been lighting up in the entire yard, it was so bright.

I thought about waking Smunch up. You don't get to see these things all that often. I decided against it and got back in bed. But I got up again. I was too hot anyway and I wanted to see the part where the bright silver moon peaks itself out around the edge of the shadow again. That part is cool. I decided to see how easy it was to wake Smunch up. I bent down and said, "Smunchy, do you want to go see the moon?" He grunted. Sounds like 'yes' to me!

I woke him up a little more. He was game. I carried him out the front door into the driveway and pointed out the moon. "Oh, uh-huh." He talked a little, but I don't really remember what he said. I didn't realize until later that he hadn't stuttered once. I let him go in. He virtually ran back to his bed. "Goodnight, mom!"

Proof positive. Stuttering is all about the phase of the moon.

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Dote said...

I stayed up to watch it but Karen didn't find it so fascinating =). Fortunately it was 3 hours earlier on our rock, so it started at just before 11pm...

Here's some photos ... it was spectacular, well worth the groggy morning after!