Friday, August 3, 2007

It's all at the fun, fun fair!

By all accounts, the Santa Clara County Fair is on its last legs. Just this morning, a columnist in the San Jose Mercury recommended going to the fair to satisfy your sense of nostalgia, but to say goodbye to it on your way out. Turns out the county sunk a good deal of money into revamping the fairground in the past year and they're looking for the fair to break even this year. Based on what the columnist saw, he said it's not likely they'll break even. They might not even come close.

So, today, for the first and maybe the last time, I took the kids to the county fair. We had a great time, although the crowd, if one could call it that, was pretty unimpressive. No lines for anything. The kids were thrilled by the rides...just watching them, not necessarily riding on them. They weren't so sure about most of them. I got Smunch excited about going on the little roller coaster. From what I could tell, he and Mam both loved the roller coaster, but it wasn't as though they were clambering to get back on!

Both kids had a great time in the 4H petting pen. Gavin asked to hold a hen, while Mam, of course, wanted to hold a bunny. We had lunch while watching alpine goat judging. We puttered around the other pens of 4H animals while Mam exclaimed things like "I like that pig!" "I like that cow!" She liked everything, which is becoming a theme for our Mam. It seems like she's perpetually long as it doesn't involve a potty.

We rounded out the day with some funnel cake (which didn't go over all that well), some performing pigs (which reminded me of an extended 'Stupid Pet Tricks' segment on Letterman) and a terrific sea lion show.

I wasn't thrilled when our Friday babysitter quit a couple of weeks ago, but we've had an awful lot of fun instead. I have a feeling she did us all a favor!

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