Sunday, August 19, 2007

Encouraging your child to walk

A while back, Preemie Magazine asked me if I'd like to write an article about how to encourage your preemie to walk. I said, "Uh, not really." I guess I just believe all kids walk when they're ready, preemie or not. And if there are bigger problems, it's going to take more than a really short magazine article to solve it, you need a professional...or, maybe just a couple of older cousins.

Smunch and Mam were more than happy to trying aiding their cousin, Spencer, in the walking department. He hasn't been in a hurry about walking, but he's a speedy little crawler. We had a great time watching him trying walking on his own, especially after his well-meaning cousins were asleep...or at least in bed...sleeping wasn't a high priority on our trip.

Anyway, Spencer was having a grand ol' time learning to walk. And, really, what's cuter than an adorable little boy reveling in doing something new?

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