Sunday, August 19, 2007

If life was a beach...

our family would always be as happy and relaxed as we are when we visit Torrey Pines State Beach with AK and her family. I don't know why we always leave beach-going to the last day of our trip. We all have such a good time that I usually wind up wishing we could do it again...rather than packing everyone back up in the car and driving a bazillion hours back home.

Smunch loved playing in the water and the sand, but got a little nervous about the waves. He mostly just puttered around in the surf, but was happy that way.

In characteristic fashion, Mam was completely fearless, asking over and over to go back in the water and play in the waves with Daddy. But she also had a grand time playing with her cousin in the sand.

Spencer, by the way, easily takes after his younger cousin, with no fear whatsoever about the water. And he had a grand time crawling around in the surf with his uncle.

As a highlight of our trip to the beach, we were visited by a pod of bottle-nosed dolphins who swam by, maybe 50 yards off the shore. I missed the one that jumped out of the water, but we had a great view of them out there. So cool to see something out in the ocean that you normally just see at Sea World...especially on a trip where you didn't even got to Sea World!

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