Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I Just Want to be a Kid

I had a pretty funny exchange with Mam last night as she went to bed. As usual, I was sitting in the rocking chair in her room with my book, when she says:

Mam: I just wanna be a kid.
Me: Oooohkay
Mam: I don't want to get any bigger that this.
Me: Really? Why don't you want to get any bigger? (Thinking this is awfully cute and going to snuggle up to her in bed)
Mam: I don't want to be as tall as this (putting her hand to my head)
Me: You don't want to be a grown up?
Mam: Oh, a Mommy?
Me: Do you want to be a Mommy?
Mam: Yeah. And I'll have bigger blueberries.
Me: (laughs)
Mam: But my shirt will be too small. I'll have to get a new shirt.

Oh, I think you really *do* just want to be a kid, little Mam. Believe me, there's more to being a mommy than bigger blueberries...and really these blueberries aren't all that impressive. But you do get to pick out your own shirts!

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