Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A First Trophy

It's catch-up day again. See, I told you I couldn't keep up with this stuff, folks! In the last week or so, *so* many of the kids' activities have been wrapping up.

Perhaps Smunch's most prized new possession is the trophy he was given at the end of T-ball season. Now, T-ball is a completely non-competitive venture, but Smunch loved it...even on his off days. And he had some pretty impressive off days. But he still wants to go out in the backyard and hit the ball, so I guess alls well that ends well. He can't wait to haul out his bobble-headed trophy for every single person who steps in the house. We've been interviewing babysitters, so he had lots of opportunities to show it off. He even dragged his yet-to-be-washed Sidewinders shirt out of the laundry to show it to a babysitter yesterday. He's so proud of his team and his trophy.

Smunch really made some big strides since my last T-ball post on Opening Day. The whole team went from hitting off a tee to hitting coach-pitched balls. They figured out which direction to run and that they really wanted to catch the ball.

It was a fun season. I'm looking forward to doing it again next year...even though I'm really relieved that we don't have that commitment twice a week anymore!

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