Monday, March 11, 2013

Another Post About Cake

Ta da! One last ridiculous cake for the season. And it was rather sane, if I do say so myself. I mean...sane for me...which I guess isn't saying much.

This year, Mam wanted to have an ice skating party. Turns out, ice skating parties are far more economical than trampoline parties, so I wasn't about to refuse. Besides, I like ice skating.  And since I'd delved into the world of fondant penguins before, creating fondant penguins on ice skates seemed like something I could handle.

Mam insisted that she wanted a white cake...
with whipped cream and strawberry filling. 
I don't particularly love that combination myself, but I do as I'm instructed. Seriously though, how could this be better than chocolate?
I spent an evening crafting funny little penguins to skate on top of this cake. I had fun with it.
And never one to leave good enough alone, I decided these little guys were far too naked and dressed them in assorted winter ice skating attire.
As much as fondant-covered cakes look amazing, I'm not thrilled with how fondant tastes, so I got Mam to opt for frosting and created just a frozen pond out of fondant with some shiny glaze.
I don't know why, but I was oddly underwhelmed by this cake. Thankfully, a gaggle of little girls and a few boys thought it was pretty spectacular, gushing over how cute the penguins were and exclaiming in disbelief that it was homemade. 
And one little ice skater in particular with thrilled with her cake. And really, what else matters?

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