Monday, March 11, 2013

Slip Sliding into Nine

This is a photograph from Mam's actual birthday. As is tradition in our house, I let her go pick out nine cupcakes at Sprinkles for the big day. Unfortunately, it was a really big day for her, with a new running program starting after school and overlapping with one of her first softball practices of the season. We had a late dinner out. She chose Afghan the same restaurant where we'd eaten for my birthday just a month earlier. I was pretty sure she despised anything that didn't look like cheese pizza, quesadillas or macaroni and cheese. Perhaps she really is growing up.

But I digress. Thankfully, I'd planned Mam's birthday party for the weekend before her actual birthday and her cake was done in plenty of time. None of the midnight cake decorating that has gone on in more ambitious years.

The cute little local ice rink doesn't open for parties or public skating until 3pm. It's a great little spot with an outdoor rink. It's been there at least since I was a kid. I remember thinking it was a pretty magical place back then.

 It's not quite as magical when you're throwing a party and doing less of the skating. I made hot chocolate (and brought marshmallows, of course), brought the extra strawberries (which disappeared in minutes), some emergency cheese sticks and the cake. I figured that would be plenty for a two hour party. And it was...except that I should've brought more strawberries and less hot chocolate! The kids all drank hot chocolate, of course, but I probably brought enough to fill a swimming pool.Thankfully, I did get in a little skating with the birthday girl. 
She had a great time and only came off the ice for cake. All her best friends were there. She even invited a few boys...beause they're friends, not because she likes them...of course!

Sometimes, the parties I've had at home have felt interminable, but parties somewhere else always feel too short and like I didn't have to work hard enough to make it terrific. Funny that these are the ones they generally like the best! At least a few of them made sure I didn't get to be too much of a slacker!

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