Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Thought the Stores Were Bad

O.K., I admit it. I took the kids' Christmas photos before Thanksgiving this year. It's not like I played Christmas carols while I did it or anything. And I had an ulterior motive. Mam's orthodontist has her fitted with a palette expander and I wanted to get these pictures in before the gap between her front teeth got too much bigger.

It wasn't really a big production either. I think they're old enough now that they know that cooperating will make it a much shorter ordeal.

That doesn't mean they didn't have any fun, of course. Hey, they got mom's approval to go climb up a tree, after all.
And they had some fun with each other too. Can you imagine trying to take their photos every year if it was all totally serious? I can't. And thank goodness. I usually use the "pretty" ones on the Christmas cards, but I admit that sometimes the silly ones are my favorite.

I'm undoubtedly biased, but I think they're still a couple of pretty good-looking kids. And I was ever so grateful that they were so cooperative and we didn't have to stay out there for long.

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