Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

Wow, well, after all that lead up to Halloween...what with the parties and the Giants winning the World Series and all...the main event was just another in a series of things going on. But I have to post pictures, right? Who doesn't post pictures of their kids in their costumes? I admit I'm having fun with their costumes these days..especially because Mam is so excited to have me put makeup on her.
This year, Mam chose to be a flamenco dancer. No, of course she doesn't know what a flamenco dancer is. But she saw the red, crushed velvet and black lace at TJ Maxx and was smitten. Sold.

Smunch was a medieval knight. Unfortunately, no one thought to have him try on his costume until Halloween rolled around. And it was significantly too small. Just getting him into it was a huge, painful struggle...both at school and at home. And that put him in a foul mood...just like last year.

It was a good-looking costume though. Of course, Smunch wasn't much for posing for pictures. Mam, was an entirely different story, hamming it up like I couldn't quite believe.
As always, there was a big candy haul and happy kids returned home from their evening of trick-or-treating.

Oh yeah, we had a lot of normal Halloween stuff regular ol' carved pumpkins and our own little front yard graveyard...all sort of hastily arranged, but festive nonetheless...

Can't believe Thanksgiving is less than a month away already. It'd be O.K. with me if life just slowed down a little about now. But I've got damsels to rescue, apparently...

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