Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sergio Romo's Fire

Unlike the last time the San Francisco Giants went to the World Series, baseball was all wrapped up before Halloween. At a baseball tournament the weekend prior, someone asked me what I was planning to carve for a pumpkin this year. I'm starting to have a reputation, apparently. I hadn't decided. I thought about Posey or Scutaro or Cain, but all of them seemed a little too clean cut for this project.

When it came to me, however, I knew it had to be Sergio Romo. Sergio Romo, erstwhile setup man and now super popular closer for the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. I've met him before too. He's a super nice guy. He was part of the team of "beards" in the bullpen in 2010 and signed a baseball for Smunch with the inscription "Fear It!" on it. Funny guy.

Anyway, Romo has a great roar he lets out when he successfully closes a game and I wanted to carve that. So here goes...

I chose this picture.
Blew it up nice and big to use as a stencil on a nice, big pumpkin. I freehanded the lettering.
Spent a cool few hours carving and giving myself a blister.
And then I enjoyed watching people notice it as they came to the door. That's the most fun of all...unless I get to go give a picture of it to Sergio Romo. Now THAT would be a blast!

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