Friday, February 5, 2010

Trying Out

A couple of weeks ago, I was reminded (via e-mail) that Smunch is now old enough to play on a competitive baseball team in addition to his regular recreational one. Although the competitive team is through the same league, the kids have to try out and only the best kids make it. They're a lot more serious and it involves a lot more time. I think at one time, some sane part of me decided not to mention this to Smunch. But knowing how much he loves baseball, when I got the reminder, I talked to him about it. I told him it would be a lot of work and that he'd have to try out and might not make it. He didn't care. He was raring to go.

So, last Saturday, after not nearly enough sleep the night before (see previous post about Hell Week), our entire family headed over to the baseball diamond to see what Smunch could do. Smunch knew a couple of the boys there and after a few minutes of watching, it was clear that these boys are good baseball players.

Smunch, overtired and unfocused, was looking pretty mediocre, honestly.Um, no. He didn't catch the ball. But he did catch a couple of the fly balls launched at him, I think. Some of the other boys caught nearly all of them.Not sure if he was actually paying attention here or just looking like he was. It's quite possible he was faking. And here he is hitting the ball...foul. He fouled off almost every single one of them. I guess that's better than wiffing it entirely!

To be fair, he really looked good here and there. Like here:Dunno. That one might've gone foul too, but at least it looked good at that very instant. And he did a great job of showing them that he can run...although he jumped over the bases rather than tagging them. It didn't go unnoticed.

We find out today if he made the team. Not too many boys were trying out, so I think he's got a pretty good chance of making it despite the less-than-stellar performance. And then, I shall wave goodbye to my sanity for the Spring. The Spring...when I've just become manager of a kindergarten girls' softball team. Yikes.

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