Friday, February 19, 2010

Not Feeling Great at Eight

After our post-ski/post-reading soak in the hot tub on Smunch's birthday, I threw together a decidedly un-gourmet meal of spaghetti, green beans and sourdough. Smunch was still grumpy. He caught Mam's nasty cold, had a rotten cough and was tired from a day on the (teeny, tiny) slope. But it was the requested birthday meal and he seemed to enjoy it, right down to the sauce from a jar. The love for piles of pasta hasn't diminished in the past year, at least.

Looking back at my post from Smunch's 7th birthday, I realize that this year didn't really hold a birthday candle to last year's fun, mellow day. But the one thing I wanted to be sure to repeat was the cupcake idea. Not wanting to make a trek up to Sprinkles before we left in the morning I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for a place with great cupcakes along the way to Tahoe. I found Icing on the Cupcake in Rocklin. It wasn't far off the path and they had some fun (and yummy!) cupcakes to choose from. We picked guessed it...eight. I see this becoming and expensive little tradition!The cupcakes are still a big hit.

There weren't a lot presents to open. We've promised Smunch a trip to the sporting goods store to get new baseball gear. And, of course, he had a day of ski school...but I'd argue that was as much for Daddy (who is trying to cultivate some skiing partners) as it was for Smunch. Still, he loved the few presents he got, including a book of great sporting moments from Grandpa Ryderand the entire Baseball documentry by Ken Burns. Don't doubt me. He'll eat this up.Just like those cupcakes.

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Barrett, Melinda, & Angel Trinity Adams said...

Can you believe it's been 8 years since we met in those lonely, sad, and often time depressing hallways of the hospital? I'm so happy to see him celebrate his 8th birthday...he's come sooooooo far!!!!