Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just Short of a Miracle

It's Saturday. School has been in session for 2-1/2 weeks now and things are humming along. I even got some contract work. And the Giants are still in the running to make the playoffs this year. That means we're all happy, even if the first colds of the season have already started.

So, today, we went out to breakfast, stopped by the pottery painting store to add Mam's artwork to a platter for her teacher (Yes, already. Her teacher decided to get married in September and then take two weeks off for a honeymoon. Whatever.), then headed home where Smunch patiently bided his time until the Giants' 1:05pm start time for today.

Wait, actually it wasn't so patient because I decided to use that time to teach Smunch how to tie shoes. And we practiced and practiced and practiced. Naturally, the pesky younger sister had to butt in and learn too. And naturally, she was a quicker study than he was. And that was awfully annoying. I succeeded to some degree, but more practicing and coaching is clearly in order.

As soon as Smunch could show me that he could tie a shoe by himself, I let him turn on the game. The TV, as usual, was tuned to PBS. And that's when something miraculous happened. Smunch was distracted from changing the channel by a Nova show about black holes. Not only was he distracted, but he watched an entire 45 minutes of the show. Now, admittedly, it was a pretty darned interesting Nova episode. But there was BASEBALL. He missed a whole 45 minutes of his favorite team playing to learn about physics and space! Oh. My. Gosh.

Fortunately, he's still completely jazzed to go to the game we've got tickets for on the point where he says, "I just can't wait 'til Monday" several times a day. But there was a light in that tunnel today, a chink in the baseball armor. He really is interested in other things too. Yay.

The Giant's win today was also just short of a miracle. Gack. They don't do anything the easy way.

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Mona said...

YAY! Shoe tying! Oh, may we someday get there ourselves....