Monday, June 8, 2009

Meeting the Panda

I'm a sucker. That's not true about everything, but when it comes to my son and his unfathomable, boundless love of baseball, I'm just a big pushover. And that is how our whole family ended up traveling to a nearby city one Thursday evening to meet the San Francisco Giant's star known affectionately as "Kung Fu Panda".In reality, his name is Pablo Sandoval. He's a 22-year-old switch hitting infielder (sometimes first base, sometimes third base, sometimes catcher) from Venezuela and he now has a new biggest fan. Because no matter how diminutive my son is, I'd dare any seven-year-old to be a bigger fan. It's just not possible. Smunch skipped his way down this street after this meeting. And we had some cake at one of my favorite bakeries. Smunch probably didn't even notice the cake. He ate the frosting. And the frosting was what topped off his newly autographed baseball. Who cares about cake when you've got the Panda's signature right there on the table?(Soccer shirt aside, of course!)

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Cammi said...

Pretty dang cool, G!