Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fun Without Kids

On the whole, my life is about my kids. So, it's hardly surprising that most of my blog posts are about them or something I'm doing in relation to them. The real surprise is that as soon as Smunch was done with Author's Breakfast and Mam had walked confidently out of preschool for the last time, Daddy and I dropped the kids off with my parents and left for the weekend for our very aforementioned anniversary.I understand that for some people, this wouldn't be a really big deal, but for us? This was HUGE! It's not that we're paranoid parents, afraid to leave our children for more than an evening. It's that we have no one to leave them with. In the seven years since Smunch was born, my parents, who are quite local, have never offered to take the kids for more than several hours. So, you can imagine we were eager to take them up on the first ever offer to keep them for a weekend. And after having to reschedule for the principal's rescheduled retirement celebration, I really couldn't wait to leave.We went to one of our favorite coastal destinations where we haven't been since having kids. For just a moment, we were able to kinda, sorta, almost forget we even had children and all the responsibility that comes with them. We may have also forgotten there is a limit on our credit card...which is particularly weird considering how cheap I normally am. It was sort of a weekend of throwing all those responsibilities to the wind. We had trendy cocktails, fantastic food, good wine and added to our collection of dinnerware. Romantic, huh? I was also treated to an addition to my jewelry collection. Much more romantic. The weather was incredible, so the views were awesome. We had a terrific view of the sunset from the big deck of our not-so-big room.I took about 500 photos, literally. That means I got some really beautiful ones. Including these ones from our hike on Saturday. If you can't get enough of those, there are lots and lots more available in our web gallery.

It was hard to want to check out of the hotel and head home on Sunday. We did a little more shopping (ouch!) and finally made it down to the beach for what I was hoping would be a nice stroll on the sand before going home. But we never got to the sand. I got captivated by the tidepools for a few minutes and then totally mesmerized by these guys (not a postcard, honest!): who were frolicking in the surf and trying unsuccessfully to wrap themselves in sea grass. Before we knew it, we were already late for getting home and had to call the parents to apologize for being distracted by sea otters. Fortunately, this is something they understand.

Going back to regular ol' life this week has been hard. It's amazing how a restful weekend can be drained right out of you within 24 hours. And, I've got to say that while I'm absolutely nuts about my kids, it was awfully nice to leave them behind for a a couple of days. I didn't really miss them, even though I loved seeing them again. Hope we're not looking like this before we get another opportunity to go somewhere on our own for the weekend... although if we don't get that chance, I sure hope we're still that happy together.

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