Sunday, April 12, 2009

Open House

My kid's only in first grade and already I'm bored by the annual Open House. The idea is great, but I'm already in the classroom so often, that there are no revelations in there for me. I tried to get Mam to visit the kindergarten room, but she was vehemently disinterested. Smunch visited the second grade rooms for just a second, but apparently it's some kind of bad karma to actually see one of the rooms where you might spend a lot of time next least that's what the kids would have you think.So, for me, it was mostly another art show. I know how much effort all the teachers have to put into this night. I appreciate it. Really. I do. But it would be O.K. with me if they didn't! Hopefully, Daddy got more out of it than I did. I do love this little bird-shaped pinch pot. No clue what we'll do with that when it comes home, but I think it deserves a place of honor somewhere.And then, there's Smunch's self portrait. Is it totally wrong of me to look at this and want to say, "Oh, honey, you're so much cuter than that"? I'm sure that'd be all wrong, but seriously, I hope he knows that while his eyes are really this big and this blue, he's an attractive attractive kid without a tan.

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