Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Singing of Spring

Last Wednesday was Mam's very last Spring Sing at her preschool, where she's been for the last couple of years. Although the preschool director got all choked up when introducing our 4-year-olds, after seeing 8 "sings" in the course of the last three years, I wasn't as sentimental about this one as I'd expected. It's still unbearably cute. And, Mam is just luminous up there, waving to all her fans.And it is impressive to hear 100 4-year-olds sing 14 songs, even if they're largely the same songs I heard at the last two Spring Sings. Of course, when there are so many of them, any given one can forget the words and it doesn't really hurt the performance. And they have so many cute little hand motions and songs with sign language.Unfortunately, Mam's class was the last one on the stage and that meant they sat at the front. That's unfortunate mostly because her preschool is loaded with type-A parents who will wait an hour to get in and get a front row seat. I'm not one of them, so we generally have a back row seat instead. It was hard to see her through all the bodies in front of us.I think she knew we were there. At least she waved at someone after every song.

And when it was all over, we joined the kids for snack, where they used pretzels and blue frosting to "fish" for Goldfish crackers. Very cute.And so, it was over with very little fanfare. It was fun, it was cute, there are still a couple of months left. I guess I ought to enjoy them while she's still in preschool!

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