Sunday, April 12, 2009


We tried a new egg hunt this year in hopes we could find one where non-aggressive children have a hope of picking up a few eggs. Egg hunts, aside from the one I wrote about a few posts ago, often don't go that well for my kids. They're perfectly capable of running around and picking up eggs, but they're not pushy about it. They're relatively polite about it, really. It doesn't work in their favor. But check this out...That's a field coated in eggs. And this hunt, organized by one of the local churches, was really well organized, so that every child got something. Mam got more than her share, I'm afraid.The waiting for their age group to be called was fairly agonizing, but the looks on their faces while they were hunting were a clear indicator that it was all worth it.The eggs came with plenty of candy. A few choice eggs included a Golden Ticket, which was good for one cheesy prize at the prize table. I can't tell you what a relief it was when each of the kids found one egg with one ticket. A relief for me. The thrill of a lifetime for them.And although Mam picked out a weird plastic fish in a gelatinous fluid mistakenly called "putty"...putty, that poured out on Gram's carpet as soon as she opened it...both the kids had a grand time, got to visit the grandparents afterwards and then went home to find one of their favorite babysitters here for the evening. The only people more excited about that than the kids were Daddy and me!

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