Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Cranky Donkey and Never Squat with Your Spurs On

Knowing that a big storm was headed our way, we made a point of getting out of the house Thursday afternoon. Naturally, we did a little more letterboxing. Our first adventure started nearby, but required a two-mile bike ride to get to the only box we were likely to find. So, we drove to the beginning of the bike trail. The kids set off on their bikes while I probably looked ridiculous on Mam's pink Razor scooter. And I kept hitting myself in the ankle everytime I hopped off and picked the scooter up. Ouch! We took a break to look for a letterbox along the way. It wasn't there. And we took a break to hang out with the donkey in the photo above. The kids were very excited, and a little alarmed, to hear a donkey bray for the first time. It think it'd had enough of small children.

I forgot to mention earlier that each letterbox has a name. This one wasn't far from the donkeys and earned the name "The Cranky Donkey"...and included an Eeyore stamp, of course. What fun! Of course, the two-mile ride back was a lot more painful.

It was late by the time we got back to the car, but we went for yet another box. It sounded like it'd be just off the road and it was nearby, so we headed off in the car and found the landmark we were looking for.

Fortunately, I was right that the letterbox was only about 50 yards up the road. Smunch (and I) found it camouflaged in the branch of a tree. In a new twist, the box (which was really a peanut butter jar) also contained a "hitchhiker" that had somehow made its way to the Never Squat with Your Spurs on Letterbox from its original location in Virginia. I didn't realize the rules governing hitchhikers. I was supposed to take it with me and plant it in a new letterbox, but instead, I left it there. Hopefully, the next person to find it will be a little more clued in!

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