Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blue bullets

Those of you in my rather limited audience probably didn't notice that I recently added The Bloggess to my blog roll. She's a zany mommy who writes for a column called Mama Drama at the Houston Chronicle. If you get the chance, check her out, she's way more entertaining than I am! Besides, she promotes an event called Mama Drama Con Queso, for other bloggers. How much better could it get than that? Well, it could get better, I guess...if Silicon Valley was in the vicinity of Houston and I could go!

Anyway, I just today I received a
comment from Jenny, the Bloggess herself on my own not-nearly-so-hilarious-although-aspiring-to-be blog. I'm still wringing my hands in star-struck awe. But it's a little like having the queen stop by your house without notice, when it hasn't been cleaned in a week and a half. Ack! She looked at my blog???? Could you have warned me, so I could shove some of the dust bunnies under the bed?

At any rate, like Mommie N, The Bloggess was coveting the beautiful blue bullets in my
Tidbits post.

The truth is far less glamorous than how impressed you are. Seriously. Believe it or not, I write most of my posts in HTML. Yeah. I know a little of that stuff. And, I'm sure you've noticed how glamorous they are in general. They're not. I write in HTML because I'm too lazy to figure out how to use the WYSIWYG composing feature in Blogger. I create everything in the "Edit Html" tab. (Uh, didn't anyone tell Google that HTML is an acronym requiring capitalization??...I digress.)

To make those fantastic bullets, I used the standard code for creating a numbered list...only it didn't turn out numbered at all, as you may have noticed. That's the kind of HTML goddess I am. I suspect the look is governed by the Blogger template I'm using, but I don't know for sure. I could experiment and find out, but see the aforementioned comment about my laziness.

So, here's what you do to create a bulleted list...or maybe a numbered list even. For what it's worth, if you view this code in the "Compose" window, it looks like a numbered list. That's just not what it is when you publish it...another argument that it's a template thing...because Blogger is oh-so-much smarter than I am.

There you have it. Pure sorcery.

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Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...


First of all, you are cracking me up. As I was dropping my kid off to school this morning I realized I'd put her in two different styles of tennis shoes and then I came back home and my paralyzed cat just p*ssed blood on me (for real). No one should be star-struck by me.

Secondly, wow. You may as well be speaking Swahili in that last paragraph. It's beautiful but HTML give me hives.