Tuesday, November 6, 2007

You can never have too many friends...

That seems to be Mam's motto. One of her newest best friends, Marina, is a third grader at Smunch's school. She's eight. She's also one of our neighbors. One weekend, a little while ago, Mam ran into Marina at one of Smunch's soccer games. Marina's little sister plays soccer at the same time and the two of them were on the same field that day.

By the end of the soccer game, the two of them were insisting that they wanted to have a playdate. So I talked to Marina's mom and we arranged for Marina to come to our house the next day for a little while. And, even though there are five years separating Marina from Mam, the two of them seemed to have a blast. I'd love for Marina to grow up to be a mother's helper-type friend, but I dunno how Mam would really take to that. Somehow, they're already too close!


they call me mama said...

Second grade, 7 years old, mam is 3.5+, right? So really, they're more like 3.5- 4 years apart?

I guess I have math on the brain for some reason.

MommaWriter said...

My own facts and math weren't so accurate. Marina's in third grade, I think (Smunch insists it's second, but what does he know?) and she's eight...so 5 years difference.