Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mam-a-rina Ballerina

First, I guess I ought to say that I've never taken a moment of ballet class in my entire life. I don't know if I was just underprivileged in this regard or if I really never showed any interest. Of course, it's hard to show interest in something you've never even seen. So, when a friend of mine told me about this 3-day ballet workshop at one of the local dance schools...and she told me that Mam's Sarah would be enrolling, I just couldn't resist.

I'm still not sure whether ballet class is just an expensive excuse to dress little girls up in cute little dance outfits and beam over how lovely they look. Because they do. They look positively adorable. And if I may say so myself, our Mam was no exception.

I have never seen Mam quite so excited to do anything. No arguments when it came time to get dressed. And then she pranced around saying "I'm a ballerina!"

She busted out a few moves I'd never seen before...like this one on the left. O.K., it doesn't look much like ballet, but she hadn't even been to her first class yet! I'm not sure she quite had the distinction between dancing and gymnastics nailed down yet. On the right, here she is "balancing" and declaring that ballerinas do balancing. I guess they do. It just rarely looks like this.

And when it came down to the ballet class, not a hesitation in the world, although Mam's mommy had a complete brain freeze and thought we had arrived 15 minutes early, when we were actually 15 minutes late. She had so much fun with the whole thing that her enthusiasm lasted right through to the swim lesson we sprinted to as soon as I picked her up. Too bad this isn't likely to translate into an afternoon nap!

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Queen Bee said...

So, so, so sweet. That first picture is a definite "framer"