Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Guest Post

Hi, Geek Husband here; I am going to be filing in for this post as Momma Writer is currently unavailable. Now, lest you, dear reader, panic, fear not, for it is highly likely that she shall return. Read on....

One of Momma Writer's not too secret identities, aside from wife, mother, cook, maid, nurse, counselor, chauffeur, writer, business person, teacher, banker, and Boss is nature lover. Unfortunately, this is a problem as she is married to me, Geek Husband. I firmly believe that if God intended us to live outside (on vacation or otherwise) then She would not have invented room service or 1,000 thread count sheets. This means that while under lesser circumstances I will do nearly anything to help bring the kids up "right"; I sadly draw the line at sleeping on the hard ground communing with spiders, beetles, mosquitoes, bees, skunks, raccoons, and other "wonders" of the great outdoors. Especially with a perfectly good house, complete with bed, less than 10 feet away.

Anyway, as a direct result of my incomprehensible lack of appreciation for the wonders of the great outdoors (or something to that effect), every couple of years her "raw nature" level dips to critical levels and need to be replenished NOW.

So Momma Writer is currently in a small tent in the backyard with both Mam and Smunch "sleeping". Now, given the fact that, according to all reports, both children were totally wired today and bouncing off of the celling (walls are just SO passe.) I just can't imagine sleeping (or anything even close) is actually occurring.

So, dear friends, I am sure that Momma Writer will return to us sometime tomorrow with her nature (and small child in a tight enclosed space) levels *totally* refilled. And, while she probably will not be quite as well rested; I am quite sure that she will be happier with many tales to tell.

p.s. from MommaWriter: This is what happens when I leave to go camping mid-post and leave my laptop here!
p.p.s. from Geek Husband. I don't need an "unguarded" laptop to sneak in, but it does help. ;-)

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