Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blowing It

After yesterday's heartwarming post, the title on this one sounds a little ominous, but I didn't actually screw anything up today. We started our day by going to a glass-blowing demonstration in San Jose. the kids were pretty captivated and it gave us a fun and oh-so-educational way to start the day. It sure beat playing another game of Candyland...or Mam's favorite, "Cat in the Hat" (aka The Dr. Suess Game).

And really, what could be cooler than a big furnace that heats molten glass to 2200 degrees? There was lots of very, very hot glass to be seen. And the two guys at the Bay Area Glass Institute did an impressive job of creating pitcher and vase for us to see. Unfortunately, like all worthwhile art, glass blowing is a process and that means nothing happened instantaneously...which means that despite their fascination with glass blowing, the kids were pretty bored after half an hour. And we were in the back row, so there was a lot of standing on Mommy and insisting on being picked up. Mommy got pretty bored of that, even if the demonstration was pretty fun.

Still, it makes me feel like maybe I'm not such a slouch as a mom when I actually bother to pack up the kids, including a lunch and all their swim gear for their lesson just after lunchtime and take them to a place they might enjoy and might actually, possibly learn something in the process. They may not be begging to go to another glass blowing demo anytime soon, but hopefully they won't be forgetting this one in the near future either!

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