Monday, February 18, 2013

11 - Tiggers are Wonderful Things


is my 11-year-old. Even though at-home, old-fashioned birthday parties are appparently passé, he still wants me to make his birthday cake. Cute. Of course, I've set ridiculous expectations in this regard. Silly me. It started with the Curious George cake, then the Elmo cake, the 3D train cake, the fire engine cake, the Spiderman cake, the soccer field cake, the Superbowl cakes, the chess cake (ooh, that one kinda rocked!), the SF Giants cake, the laser tag cake, which gets a lot of hits on Google...I'm sure I missed a few in there.

This year, Smunch wanted to go to a trampoline place for his birthday. It made for an easy cake idea at least. The idea was easy. The execution is never quite so easy...especially with increased hours at work and such. It just meant I had to start early. I made lots of colors of fondant.

Smunch wanted a yellow cake with strawberry and whipped cream filling. Done.

And if he was going to have a trampoline party...well, had to look like a trampoline, didn't it?

And if it was going to be a kids' party, there had to be kids...or else it was just going to look like some funny, stripey cake decoration thingy.

Very P.C., huh?

If there were going to be kids, they were going to have to be jumping, somehow. Fortunately, I made some basketball dunking penguins once upon a time. I almost felt experienced with this sort of thing.

I got this done around 11pm, the night before the party...and then added a border to the bottom the next morning because I just can't leave well enough alone.

It's pretty impossible to take pictures of little boys jumping on trampolines in a dimly lit warehouse. I tried, but the cake was probably a pretty good approximation of what it looked like anyway. I gave up trying to get a real photo and took a picture of one of the TVs they had monitoring the trampoline dodgeball arena.

Geez. That looks just like...a birthday cake!

So, Smunch successfully turned 11 and had a bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy party with his friends (who are a pretty awesome group of boys, I might add) on his birthday.

And even though I got more pictures of cake and little fondant people than I did of the sweaty little 10 and 11-year-olds, I think it was all a raging success for everyone.

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