Friday, May 25, 2012

Junior Olympics 2012

Smunch is in fourth grade this year. That means a lot of different things, but one of the things that means is that this was the first year he could participate in the Junior Olympics. Junior Olympics is held at the local high school and includes all of the elementary schools in the district. It's primarily a track and field kind of thing, which means running. Smunch does not like running.

In fact, when I asked him if he was going to take part in Junior Olympics his answer was an emphatic 'no'. And then on of the mom's running the even called me to ask why I hadn't ordered Smunch a T-shirt yet. Uh...'cause he doesn't want to do it? She explained that the kids didn't really know what the whole thing was about just yet. So, I caved and bought the shirt. I figured Mam could use it in a couple of years if Smunch didn't change his mind.

 It wasn't more than a week later when Smunch cautiously asked on the way home from school, "Mom, do you think I could still do the Junior Olympics?" I was awfully proud of myself for sensing this eventuality...and thrilled to give an emphatic "Yes".

 Of course, Smunch still didn't want to run. The only thing he wanted to do was the softball throw. But he had to sign up for three things. So his day started with the basketball throw.
I missed this event because I was off managing Mam's softball team. Based on the report I got, he didn't do so well. I believe he hit one shot out of 10. He continued with hurdles, his one running event.
I got to witness that and I was pretty proud of him for coming second in his heat. It wasn't fast enough to make the finals, but I felt like he did well and I hope he did too. Finally, it was on to the softball throw.
He sure looks serious, doesn't he? I suspect he did O.K. in this event, but I they only posted the winners and he wasn't among them. For a competitive little guy who wasn't going to win any awards for his athletic prowess, he had a really good time that day. And it was fun to watch such a big event with so many kids.

It gave me a lot of appreciation for how special the "real" olympics are and why they say it's an honor just to compete. I was proud of Smunch for representing his school, being a good sport and trying his best. In the end, what more can you really ask?

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