Friday, May 25, 2012


We weren't in the perfect place for viewing...which I gather was closer to Mt. Shasta...but last weekend we were treated to a rare annular eclipse. Since Smunch was at baseball practice (as always), I went and hung out with Mam. I brought an index card with a hole punched in it...because I'm high tech that way.
Mam was thrilled to be able to see the light coming through the hole turn into a little glowing crescent on the ground.
It still paled in comparison, however, to her mommy-aided discovery that now all the places where the sun shone through the trees appeared as crescents too.
A lot of things excite this little girl, especially anything to do with science or nature. I'm not sure I've ever seen her so excited as she was, running all over the school grounds screaming "Crescents! Look Mommy, crescents!"
Smunch was less than thrilled with the whole event by the time practice was over, but he'd gotten to see it too.

Some things you just shouldn't miss doing with your children, certain children in particular.

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