Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to Hoops

As you may or may not remember, only Mam opted to play basketball last year. Neither kid had played before that. It was fine with me. It made for a nice winter lull in youth sports before baseball season started back up. But after watching Mam play for a full season, Smunch decided it looked like too much fun for him to pass up this year.

Fortunately, the YBL program, through the local Y, isn't particularly competitive and is perfect for my newest hoops player.That's him, number 2. Uh-huh. Not a lot of dunking gonna be goin' on, you know?

Fortunately, Smunch has an awesome coach, as far as I can tell. I don't know how old he is. I'd guess 24 or or 25. He's on active duty for the Navy and has a two-year-old at home. He's coaching two of this year's YBL teams, Smunch's team and a team of 7th graders. Oh, and he's about 5'7" tall shoes. He's perfect for these kids.

Last weekend was the first weekend of basketball games. Naturally, Smunch and Mam had back-to-back games in different locations. So, I only got to see the first 20 minutes or so of Smunch's game. It reminded me of the way he plays soccer. He's not really in the game, even though he's obviously happy to be on the court. He bopped around happily, never once touching the ball.I think his team was losing 4-0 when I left for Mam's game.

As luck would have it, Mam's team is almost identical to the team she had last year. Having played together before, they're pretty awesome for a bunch of first grade girls.And Mam, being Mam, is right there in the fray, often with the ball. She made some nice assists...because she's familiar enough with her team to know who can shoot it in if she passes to them...and she scored three baskets on her own. I don't know why this sport seems to suit her so well, but it does. She seems significantly happier than she did playing soccer this year, but maybe it's the coach. She loves her basketball coaches, especially "Coach Dan", the dad of one of her friends from school. He is a terrific coach, but gosh, I swear she tries extra hard just for him.I have it on good authority that Smunch's game actually improved quite a bit. He even took a shot, I gather. His team rallied and they won their game. Maybe this season will be more fun that I'd expected!

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