Saturday, August 28, 2010

School Again

I feel fortunate to have kids who actually seem to like school. I didn't hear a single complaint about going back. Mam was excited to start first grade and play on the "big playground" with Smunch. And although Smunch's best friend wasn't in his class this year, he was excited about his 3rd grade teacher...who is possibly one of the nicest individuals on the planet.

Mam doesn't know this, but her 1st grade class, with a team of two teachers, would probably be the most requested class of know...if schools took requests. I honestly hadn't considered the possibility that she would be placed there, but I was thrilled nonetheless.
Daddy joined us for the big walk to the first day of school. I'm so glad my kids don't complain about the walking, or really acknowledge that there might be alternatives. Honestly, if I had to drive and find parking, it would probably take longer than the walking, especially on that first day.I've never had to see off two children at the same time on the same playground. I wasn't quite sure what to do and I didn't get all the photos I would have liked to get.And, so far, both of them seem thrilled to be back in school. I'm thrilled too! Gone are the long days of squabbling. I can work in peace...for hours. I can schedule appointments on any day at any time before 2 o'clock. It's an amazing amount of freedom. I no longer have to rush to be back at school by 11:30 for kindergarten pickup.

I do wonder if, in a couple of weeks, I'll start missing having my little kindergartener around. But since she often insisted on watching TV, I'm glad to have her in school instead. It isweird though to see her sitting at a desk of her own, looking so very grown up.

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