Monday, August 16, 2010

Heading South

It was time, yet again, for our annual pilgrammage to San Diego to visit Aunt Karen and her family. So, we loaded up the mommymobile for another day-long drive to the Southland.

We made our regular stop at Fort Tejon on the Grapevine for lunch. They'd installed a new, rather impressive flag in the middle of the grounds since our last visit.We also used the occassion to check on one of our letterboxes, which is always kind of fun. There have been a least a dozen "finders" since I planted it there.If you've noticed that I don't mention letterboxing much anymore, it's because we don't do it anymore. After I'd thoroughly annoyed my family with my letterboxing fervor, I had to cut it out, at least for a good long while. I may be back to it someday, but someone else is going to have to express interest first!

We arrived in San Diego around dinnertime. The kids were overjoyed to see SPENCER! again. Aunt Karen is now 8 months pregnant, so it was really their last opportunity to see "Spencer, the only child". Somehow, the idea of a new baby in the family failed to excite them, however.

We spent our first day kinda hanging around the house and then, while Daddy went to tour the U.S.S. Midway (again), the rest of the adults took the kids to the fun park with the great water feature.It was a nice day, a mellow day. Aunt Karen, Uncle David and I sat there under our SportBrella and the kids ran around like crazy.

Mam ended up losing her Crocs, which was annoying. I have to imagine someone stole them...since we went back for them to no avail...but they were so disgusting and dirty that it's hard to imagine. Whatever. Not enough to ruin a relaxing afternoon!


Barrett, Melinda, & Angel Trinity Adams said...

wow, that IS an impressive flag!

Christie said...

I'm so sad that you're not boxing any more. Perhaps you can ditch the kids and come out with me.