Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Bug

I arrived home from the road trip to Los Angeles to find the front door open...because Daddy was home...because Smunch was sick. Oh, that hadn't been part of the plan at all! As if abondoning Daddy on our anniversary wasn't enough, he ended up taking the day off work to tend to a sick Smunch!

Of course, Mam had strep recently, as mentioned in a previous post, so naturally my mind went there and I took him to the doctor just a few hours after I arrived. No strep. But he had a 102 fever, which meant I had to keep him home the next day. That was O.K. with me, although my discombobulated self forgot to call the attendance line the next day...when he awoke with no fever at all. I took Mam to school and left him at home.

When I got back, I decided this was a plum opportunity to get started on an at-home art project Smunch needed to do. He needed to make a real or imaginary insect out of "household objects". I started gathering random stuff. A strawberry basket, tissue paper, a Ziploc plastic container, poker chips, leftover jewels from Mam's birthday party, wired ribbon, old wine corks and popsicle sticks, whatever. It just had to have all the parts of an insect that Smunch had learned about.I let Smunch play creative director while I handled the hot glue gun. We had a lot of fun...when Smunch was paying attention. And I think you'll agree that the outcome was...well...creepy crawly at the very least!

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Barrett, Melinda, & Angel Trinity Adams said...

wow...look at the creativity there! I hate bugs, but I like your cute!