Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby Cakes

I have a friend who's kind of crazy. This surprises you? She may have caught it from me because she's developing a rather particular kind of crazy. One day last week, she gave me a call, "What are you doing after pick-up?" she asked, referring to the time post-kindergarten. I had lunch plans and Mam was scheduled to be elsewhere, but I was curious. Turns out, she was making cupcakes to celebrate her kindergarten teacher's last day at school before maternity leave.

She and I have different kindergarten teachers. You know that because you haven't heard me whining about losing yet another kindergarten teacher just weeks before the end of school.

Anyway, my friend needed help. I think she'd gotten into a project without appreciating its complexity. I offered to come over after my lunch date and help her finish up.

Oh, my gosh, what fun! These were seriously adorable little cupcakes. Why she needed to do this when she'd already arranged and pulled off a baby shower for the same teacher, I just don't know, but they sure were cute! And I got to help by piping on eyelashes and hair..on little mini Nilla wafers stuck to half marshmallows. Awesome!


Barrett, Melinda, & Angel Trinity Adams said...

that's almost too cute to eat...but I want one! ;)

Cammi said...