Sunday, December 27, 2009


As mentioned briefly in the previous post, this year, I decided to host a cookie exchange. Well, sorta.

I did decided to host a cookie exchange, with the idea of inviting some of the other kindergarten moms to come while the kids were at school. And then, as the holidays approached, I realized I hadn't done anything about setting up such an exchange and it was getting late. I decided it probably just wasn't going to happen.

And then, one day, my friend Julie called. She has this funny (and rather compelling) way of suggesting that you take something on. Fortunately, she's also good at helping out once she's got you convinced. "Do you like baking cookies?" she said.

Turns out, she'd also been thinking about a cookie exchange, but didn't want to host it. Since I'd already been not-quite-planning to host that exact same thing, it was easy to spur me into action. The guest list got longer. We added a few second grade moms and moms from the other kindergarten classes. It got big...and in the end, I think there was just one person who didn't show up, when we'd been advised to count on just half of our 20 people being there.

And it was fun! There were so many yummy cookies. Everyone made their own, as requested in the invitation and the dining room table quickly became a beautiful array of the yummiest cookies ever.In the kitchen, we'd put together a pretty good spread of coffee, tea, apple cider, mini quiches, holiday breads, munchies and fruit.Websites advertise cookie exchanges as a great way to stock up on different kinds of cookies for all your holiday entertaining needs. Really? Because our cookies were gone within a week...long, long before any more holiday entertaining was done!I wonder if maybe this will become a new tradition of mine too. Could be...

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Carole said...

Between tree decorating, cookie exchanges and Christmas teas, it looks like you guys had a really fun Christmas season. Thanks for sharing in your posts.