Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back from the Holiday Trenches

Happy holidays! Oh my, how very long it's been and how many blog posts have passed me by. I'll have to go consult my photo library (into which I just uploaded about 300 photos) to figure out where I left off and where I need to start. I just realized I forgot to upload a couple of photos to my last post. They were cute. You should check it out. And before I move on, a quick update on my dad, who seems to be doing much better now. A friend reported to me that he says he's feeling about 60%. That doesn't sound great to me, but his ailments have now taken a back seat to Gram's complications with a tooth implant. She's now the one in constant pain. I know it's miserable for her, but at least it doesn't feel so life-threatening.

Now on with the updates... Tradition in our household holds that the weekend after Thanksgiving is time for our Christmas photos. We take them ourselves and only include the kids since we generally don't consider ourselves photo-worthy. Of course, Daddy's lost so much weight this year that he really might be worth a Christmas photo! But I digress.

If I've got your address, you probably saw some of the best photos from our little adventure in the yard, but there were a lot of them, so here are some of the other good ones and a few out takes.

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