Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween - The Real Deal

After having more than a week of Halloween already, it was almost a surprise to find the main event suddenly upon us like the boogey man. I'd managed to buy a couple of creepy window hangings and Daddy and I strung some cobwebs across the front of the house. That meant yesterday was a mad rush of carving pumpkins and finishing up decorations before setting off for an evening of candy collection.Oh, and soccer, of course.

We had a lazy morning at home. Since I had some undeniably ridiculous plans for pumpkin carving, that was probably a poor plan, but I was still trying to talk Mam out of the large pumpkin she'd selected weeks earlier. She'd selected two others in the meantime and I needed a really big one for my planned carving.

I set the kids to work carving their own pumpkins. Mam had carved her little pumpkin from the farm trip a couple of days earlier, but we still had two others. While I helped them out with their pumpkins, I finally got permission to start on my own. They were long done before I'd really even started.I'd only just started cutting as Daddy starting shoveling lunch at the kids in preparation for Smunch's post-lunchtime soccer game. Not to be completely distracted by my mental illness, I left the house shortly after the rest of the family to see the soccer game. Smunch's team won, 1-0, a fairly unusual event. Just their second win of the season. Smunch was playing great by the end of the game, but it took a while for him to warm up.

We went home. I spent another 45 minutes working on my pumpkin, then putting Mam's ponytails in and spraying them in place for her soccer game. I'd made only a little progress before we had to leave again. Another fun game for Mam, putting her goal total for the season at 22, I think. They also won (6-2), although they don't technically keep score.

I'd planned to make soup for dinner, but we ordered pizza instead, in the interest of my completing my pumpkin before midnight. Daddy called our favorite pizza place. They said we could pick up our pizza in 2 hours. Two hours??? We opted for some Round Table instead.

And Daddy got the kids dressed. Mam still had her ponytails in, but it turned out to be a cute addition to her costume. The knocks started coming and it soon appeared that we probably hadn't bought enough candy this year. Our neighborhood was buzzing with activity. It was great, but unexpected. Still, just because our neighborhood was buzzing, didn't mean our dark, narrow cul-de-sac was all that busy. In the end, although I came home and raided some bags of candy the kids had collected at a Cub Scout event earlier in the week, I think we probably had just enough candy in the first place.

We left a bowl of candy at the door and took the kids around the neighborhood for an hour or so...until they decided their pumpkin baskets were too heavy to carry anymore.They returned home happy with their Halloween.As I put them to bed. They both told me what a great time they'd had. Worth all that harried silliness.

Smunch was the sweetest of all. "Mom," he said. "I love your pumpkin." A boy after my own heart.
[Entered in the SF Giants Pumpkin Carving Contest]

Or was I after his?

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