Saturday, December 6, 2008

For Calibelle

Today the University of Alabama is playing Florida in football. I know what you're thinking. Why do you care??? I don't care. It's true. But Smunch? He cares deeply. I asked him why.

"I care because Austin lives in Alabama!"

So there. See, Calibelle? Your son may not be around here anymore, but he's far from forgotten : )

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Calibelle said...

Ahh...Nice to know. :>) You, too, are remembered. My little guy has zero interest in playing nor watching any sports. However...I've been asked to buy a bazillion caps and jerseys for his Smunch. Smunch would fit in very nicely here in HSV. People are FANATICAL over sports. Houses are decorated, custom mailboxes are used to represent favorite teams. Trucks with Alabama or Auburn flags flying is a common sight. The pastor at church wore an Alabama shirt under is jacket the other week. Sports are THE thing here. They league scores daily and it's the topic of the week. Yeah...Smuch would be in good company.