Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is my latest piece of fashionable couture. Yeah, hardly. A while back, I wrote a big, long post about Barack Obama. Don't remember it? Yeah. That's 'cause I never published it and eventually, I just deleted it. It's lonely and cold up on my soapbox. I don't like it there. If anyone sees me there, I feel kinda naked. I'd rather be down here.

This is how I explain this shirt to Smunch. Do you see the letters that are biggest on the shirt? The reason they're so much bigger is because those are the important words. VOTE NOV 4TH. It really doesn't matter so much who or what you vote for, only that you do your best to turn the place you live into the place you want it to be.

Having spent some of my overly-sensitive, easily-embarrassed years overseas, it's markedly colored my view of the United States and its place in the world. The early 80s was not a particularly good time to be an American in spot in rural England that is home to an American military base...especially when you don't live within the confines of that military base. And if you were a preteen/teenager, it was pretty mortifying. Anyhow, that perspective makes Obama's attitude and philosophies work for me, even though his tax plan is almost certainly going to be bad for my family. I consider that an investment in the country's future...however misguided that notion may be. Just let me believe it. It makes me feel better.

Anyway, unlike some previous elections where I did my best to understand the propositions, etcetra, by reading my voter's guide, this year I actually attended a League of Women Voters meeting. It was totally non-partisan and they didn't even divulge whether the League was taking a stand on any of the issues. It was very, very helpful. I finished the rest of my homework (on judicial and school board candidates) up yesterday.

I'm a permanent vote-by-mail voter and the idea is very appealing, but the truth is, I hate voting by mail. I like to somehow feel involved in the I did something important and there were people there to witness it. I like to see my ballot go straight into the ballot box. I usually just go to my polling place and hand my ballot in there.

But I was starting to feel like maybe I'd be doing to Registrar of Voters a bigger favor if I sent my ballot in early this year. Goodness knows they'll be swamped on Tuesday. So, the whole family took a field trip to the Registrar of Voters office this morning and I had lots of help depositing my ballot in the ballot box.We drove all the way down there despite the fact I'd found a drop box closer because I love the spectacle. It's Sunday morning for goodness sakes. When do you ever see a government office look like this on a Sunday??You might be wondering why in the world I even went in the building. Obviously, I dropped off my ballot outside. I just had to see this. It makes me feel like something really important is happening and that other people get that too.It was truly amazing the number of people they can pack into the building. They were handing out numbers. There was clearly a long wait, but people seemed patient.

These days people are so busy with work, with home, with family affairs that it's easy to let something like an election blow by you without even looking up.

As a volunteer at an elementary school, I know it's hard to get people to participate, especially when the return seems negligible, as it so often does with politics.

As much as I care very deeply about some of the candidates and issues this election season, I don't really care what these people are voting for. They're all taking a big chunk of time out of their Sunday to participate in something they have to believe matters. That's what's so totally cool.

So, if you haven't voted already, VOTE! It matters.


tiffany said...

I was watching KRON tonight and tearing up seeing the long lines at the polling office. I am another permanent vote by mailer. My Grandpa taught me the importance of my civic duty to vote and if he was here today he would have been so proud at how many people were out!

Go Obama!


Cammi said...

Love this post! You said it all perfectly...I especially like the part about the tax plan being an investment for the country. Let's hope it really is because it sure makes me feel better, too! It just feels good to vote for a candidate that you REALLY think will do a good job - and not the lesser of two evils like it usually is, you know? Let's hope it all goes as planned and we have Obama '08! You're an awesome mom to go down to the registrar so your kids see how much you value it!
p.s. we're enjoying our new friends but missing our MV school friends!

Barrett, Melinda, & Angel Trinity Adams said...

I voted, and I'm glad the election is over. It gets pretty ugly. I'm not an Obama fan, I'm more for less taxes and smaller government, but I'm not one that gets all down and depressed about the politics (maybe because I have bigger things on my mind, like Trinity). Either way, I'm glad the election is over, I've always been an avid voter and have encouraged other's to vote. It's extremely important, no matter what side of politics are voting for. Good job for voting!


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