Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Many Shades of Mam

It wasn't just Halloween for Mam last week. It turned into a veritable dress-up extravaganza! It all started with a playdate with her buddy Benjamin. Benjamin has loudly declared that he HATES princesses. Um...obviously.Then Thursday was "gold mining day" in Mam's "Innovative" class at school and they requested the kids dress up like they were living in the old West. Um. O.K. Howdy, pardner!Then there was Halloween, of course. I've posted quite enough photos of that already (see previous post), so I'll save you the princess outfit with glaringly missing crown. We had one, of course. She just decided she was not going to wear it.

Finally, it was time for Mam's Sarah's birthday party on Saturday. The guests were supposed to don fairy garb for the occasion. Thank goodness we keep a lot of crap around or all this dress up would have been annoying. Turns out it was a lot of fun. And somehow, it's all very fitting for our Mam. She's all of these things and more. Oh, so much more...

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Cammi said...

She's darling! And so is Benjamin!