Friday, June 20, 2014

Elementary No More

It was just three blog posts ago that I wrote about Smunch's first day of 6th grade. Although, I've been terribly remiss in updating my blog, it really does feel like that was about two blog posts ago. How is it then, that he was "promoted" from 6th grade last week?

Fresh off the baseball win, Smunch attended the school's traditional 6th grade pool party on Monday. I admit, I hadn't given this event a whole lot of thought. There was a pool, there was swimming, Smunch would love it.
But I forgot to consider that he's in 6th grade and while he's still kind of a little kid in his own way, girls in 6th grade are tall, developing and...holy bikinis Batman! I did not photograph those cute skinny girls in their cute little bikinis. Smunch hung out with his happily geeky friends and pretended not to notice.
Maybe he didn't notice. But I'm skeptical that he's quite that naive with all the media consumption he does.

I didn't stick around. It no longer seems particularly appropriate. It would be like hanging out at one of his friends' birthday parties.

Wednesday, the 6th graders had their traditional jump rope performance.
I'd seen similar perfomances from past 6th grade classes. In the olden days, I walked my kids to school and hung out until they went into their classrooms. I admit my internal thoughts about this performance were along the lines of, "Hmmm...I don't think Smunch can do jump rope. I guess we'll see."
So, uh, yeah. That's pretty much the case.

They also did a little line dance. I have a feeling Smunch was a little more comfortable with that one, but really, getting a bunch of pre-teens to do such a thing is a small miracle. Many of them looked tortured.

And that just left Thursday, or "Promotion Day". I did the legwork. Got the kid a decent haircut, bought him some acceptable duds for the occasion. Of course, he wouldn't go shopping with me, so that really meant being his personal concierge, but alls well that ends well, I guess.
That's one good-looking kid, if I do say so myself...and I do.

He hasn't been so certain about graduating from elementary school. He's been at the same school for seven years now, after all. Change is not his favorite item on the menu. He still didn't look so sure as he toted his chair to the front...
not so sure as he resolutely marched out to Pomp and Circumstance either.
He didn't even look up. I wondered if he was afraid to catch my eye in case he was teary...or I was. I'd already warned him I would cry through the whole ceremony. He didn't look any more sure of his future as he sat and waited for his turn on the stage.
His class was promoted last and with a name at the end of the alphabet, 80 kids were promoted before he finally got to stand near the edge of the stage. (Just five were promoted after him.)
Finally, he had his turn on the stage.
His teacher said some kind words about him...
the principal handed him his "portfolio", including his Certificate of Promotion and a Presidential award and letter for his high GPA...
and then he was back in his seat, looking really no more certain than he did before,looking at the white envelope he'd been given.
And then it was over. And so was his elementary school career. I'm sure it seemed like an eternity to Smunch, after all he has spent more than half his life there to date. But it seemed like such a whirlwind to me! I still remember how sad and scared my little guy was when I left him at kindergarten and the near panic attack he had on his second day of 1st grade. Relatively speaking, he's so grown up now. So smart, so responsible, so well-established in his little world.

All the 6th graders were represented by a star on the "Star Wall".
Smunch was there too.
No hint whatsoever that he isn't ready to go. I know that he is.
I'm pretty sure his 6th grade teacher feels he's very well prepared, although she said she would miss him. I believe her. This was her first class...ever. She will miss many of them, I'd guess.
I just hope that he believes he is ready. Because he is. He really is.

And what did we do to celebrate? I suppose some kids would ask to go to Disneyland. For a few kids, however, THIS is Disneyland.
So, before Mam was done, Smunch and I went home and found some tickets to purchase. Then we picked up his sister who had just finished 4th grade (although he probably would have preferred not to)
and headed out to the ballpark. I told him I would buy him a sundae to celebrate. And at $10.50 each, I thought I'd also paid for the privilege to take Smunch's picture.
He was a much happier camper than he might appear. Special thanks to this guy...
Michael Morse, who had quite a day. So the Giants won...which was perhaps far more exciting to a 12-year-old baseball fan than any elementary school promotion could ever be.

Happy Summer!

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