Sunday, August 25, 2013

Images of Summer

Heh. I didn't write a single post for the entire summer. It was a busy season...and it honestly seemed really long. I can't believe the kids are back in school. My life suddenly seems a little more sane, even if there's more work involved. But the summer deserves some thought. We packed a lot in those few weeks when I didn't work. And the kids were in camp the rest of the time. It was busy at the office too, so I was glad to have planned ahead. But enough of that. On with the pictures!
Smunch played on the PONY in-house All-Stars team, which plays a single weekend tournament against the other in-house teams. His team won again!
Best baseball season EVER.
Mam continued to have a successful Nova season all the way through June, although they won no more tournaments. She was often one of the stars.
We went to see the big boys play. Shocker huh? Wasn't a shocker when they lost in 13 innings either!
As soon as Nova was done, we went camping in the Redwoods...with banana slugs.
We did some hiking in the forest, including fording the little river
The kids enjoyed themselves
Best Ranger Program EVER

With a little guidance, you can find all kinds of stuff in the creek!
Aunt Karen came to visit with Spencer! and Lucas! Lucas was more lively than this most of the time.
And then we went to San Diego to visit Aunt Karen..and Spencer! and Lucas!
We went to Anza Borrego State Park on a particularly thundery day. The kids learned about flash floods!
We went to the water park...apparently water slides are exhausting!
We went boogie boarding at the beach. The kids LOVED it!
Did I mention that they LOVED it??

O.K., I thought it was pretty fun too.
And we all took a falconry class at the La Jolla Gliderport. Smunch with a Harris' Hawk.
A week later, Mam and I decided to do something Giant
...and completed the Giant Race 5K right on the field at AT&T Park.
And would you believe, that wasn't the end? We still had one more Grand adventure in store....but that requires its own post or five.

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